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Jake Baker, founder of Impact Investments, is well known for creating and fostering meaningful connections. From Seattle, WA to Phoenix, AZ and beyond, Jake has established trusted personal and professional relationships that are a key component to Impact Investments’ offerings to its clients and partners. Impact Investments provides opportunities and resources ranging from sales and marketing consulting to venture capitalism, supporting clients in insurance, green energy, political offices, sports networks and more. ​

With Impact Investments, the future of your business is in good hands.

Jake Baker - Founder & CEO

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About Us


Jake Baker was born and raised in Seattle, WA. He holds a BBA and BSA from the University of North Dakota, where he also learned to fly airplanes and unmanned aircraft, both commercially and militarily. As a business and operations manager, Jake has worked with notable companies including Alaska Airlines, General Electric, and ADT Home Security.

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Jacob Baker


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Erez Younker


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Daniel Kogan


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Izra Shalmiyev

Senior Accountant

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Netanel Younker

Marketing Manager

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